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Sam White

Sam White set up her first business aged just 24 from her sister’s conservatory and she hasn’t stopped since. Starting as a small uninsured loss company in 1999, Sam has grown the Freedom Group to become a hugely influential and expanding business. In the past 20 years she has spearheaded the growth of a dynamic company in an ever-changing sector, all the while maintaining a strongly principled approach to business.

Keeping people at the heart of her work, Sam keeps strong links to her hometown, profit sharing with charities in the local area. Action also contributes to global charities, maintaining an awareness of international issues and developments.

“I believe in people bringing their whole selves to work, and that’s why we truly are a family”

Sam always strives to champion women in a notably male-dominated industry. Achieving a number of nominations and industry recognition, she is an established figure in the sector, noted for her entrepreneurship and determination.

With the continued growth of the Freedom Group, Sam always has her sights set on new projects and directions, challenging Action’s fundamental objective of being the most dynamic and forward thinking insurance services company in the business.

Powered by passion and a desire to fundamentally change the insurance industry for the better, Sam enjoys the challenge of being a strong woman in a very male dominated industry and continues to champion women in the industry. Known for being gutsy, tenacious, opportunistic and extremely honest, Sam is a huge believer in the power of people and empowering the team around her.

You can find her on twitter @SamWhiteCEO and LinkedIn

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